March 24, 2009

The Nigel Griffiths affair

Just a quick word on the Nigel Griffiths affair. There has been no sign that he was abusing his position to get her to sleep with him. There was no sign that she was abusing her sleeping with him to get promotion. As far as we know he wasn't paying for gifts to her from his expenses account, nor having her tag along on his official engagements (at tax payers expense) in case he felt like a bit of nookie to releave the boredom. He wasn't campaigning against extra-martial sex. In fact the only way that I can see this has any impact on his public duties is the fact that being an MP he was able to enjoy a post coital cigar in his office after banning everybody else from doing the same. This affair has no other bearing on his public office and so should be a private affair between him, his wife, and his mistress. There are much worse things he could have been doing in his office rather than having sex; he could have been legislating. The particularly galling thing is that he is much more likely to loose his job over this private affair than over stealing tax payers money by fiddling his expenses.


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